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Unblock Torcache on your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile devices, including Tablet, Android, iPad, iPhone. You do not need to install any third-party application, just click the button above to unblock access to Torcache. Some ISPs may block access to Torcache.net in some countries, a web proxy may help to circumvent Internet censorhip and surf Torcache.net anonymously.

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Change your default DNS servers

If you cannot access Torcache.net via Asinoo Web Proxy you can try to change the default DNS servers with Google Public DNS. This technique is popular among Internet users because doing this they can bypass ISP (Internet Service Provider) restrictions. For example, if Verizon or Telecom Italia blocks access to Torcache, by changing the default DNS servers you can still access Torcache.net.

Change DNS Settings

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Buy a premium VPN subscription

There are also other known methods that (sometimes) bypass Torcache.net blocks, such as using Google Translate, Google Cache, however they have some limitations. The method that really works is by using a reliable VPN provider that can assure you more benefits compared to free web proxies or partial solutions. Of course you need to spend some money based on your monthly or yearly subscription plan, but they are well spent for sure!