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Everytime you visit a website, your IP address is logged in the web server access logs, or when you download music with a P2P software (such as eMule, uTorrent) your IP address is logged. Here comes in help a VPN service, that in a nutshell, has the objective to anonymize all the applications that use Internet by acting as a tunnel: the applications will use the IP address of the VPN and not your real IP address, so your IP address is masked behind the VPN IP address.

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We can recommend you to try HMA Pro VPN, one of the most popular and fastest VPN services on the market till today. It has an easy to use software client that works on Windows, Mac and Linux and the support team is top notch, with very fast response time. The monthly price is also good, even if we always recommend to buy the yearly plan to save some money. TorGuard offers also anonymous proxy, vpn service, private email and smart DNS, take a look at its service.

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